Extreme Winter Pizza

It’s Friday night, it’s cold, and there are basketball games going on at the high school tonight, go Wolverines!  I was taking some time to reflect on this winter so far, and what it really takes to run a pizza trailer all year long in a remote town on the coast of Alaska, land of the midnight sun.  And land of the short days that leave you in a time warp of constant twilight and darkness.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s good to stay busy during the winter in Alaska.  Running Harborside Pizza from October until May definitely keeps me on my toes.  There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes to make it work…like not letting the water freeze, figuring out how the cold temps affect the dough rising, plenty of dry firewood and kindling chopped.  Then there are food orders, freight deliveries, and this winter there has been a lot of snow to contend with.

All this snow has given me a new perspective on how to adjust priorities to suit the situation.  We love our little spot on the South Fill and have worked to keep everything shoveled out.  We’ve made stickers that say “Keep Calm, and Shovel On!” Snowpocalypse- 2011-2012 Cordova, Alaska. They are pretty sweet.  Stop by the shop and pick one up free while supplies last!  Cordova needs a smile, and this’ll do it!  (Who HASN’T shoveled?)  I can’t wait to get up to the ski hill and balance out that workload with some fun carves and some deep pow.

Although we aren’t delivering at this time, we do appreciate seeing hungry people picking up their delicious looking pies!  Knowing someone is going to enjoy what you just made is very satisfying, enough to do it during the snowiest winter I’ve ever seen.  Thanks for understanding if it  takes a few minutes for your food, we make everything we can from scratch when you order it, keeping our food, fast, fresh, and delicious.

We are now redeeming the Pizza Palooza Fundraising Coupons for the National Ocean Science Bowl students.  Thank you for helping Harborside Pizza support Ocean Science. Good Luck to both teams from Cordova!

Supporting Ocean Science is just one way Harborside has promoted Ocean Mindedness.  The other way is a fun annual International SurfingDay trip to Hinchinbrook Island, to go surf and clean up marine debris and trash that has washed up on the beaches.  Hook Point Cabin was our destinaiton las year, providing a perfect base camp for accessing the waves.  8 People went on the trip, and there were a couple first time surfers.  It was a lot of fun and by the end everyone had a stand up ride!  We cleaned up a total of 10 bags of garbage and debris, all we could fit with our gear on the small planes required to get to the remote island that faces the Gulf of Alaska.  We had plenty of wetsuits and smoked salmon, wildlife, stories around the campfire, and some music.  Anyone seriously interested in going on a trip like this around June 20th of 2012, let us kn

ow.  We’ll dial in the details.  Surfrider Organization sponsored some gifts and hooked us up with a nice big International Surfing Day Banner.

We’ll be slingin pies tomorrow at 4pm…see you then!


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