JUST IN: Harborside Pizza to be OPEN for the SUPER BOWL!!

Harborside Style

That’s Right!  We’ve decided to open up shop for your Super Bowl Sunday pizza needs! We have WINGS too!  What says celebration like pizza and wings on Super Bowl Sunday???

From NOON till 4 pm Harborside Pizza will Be OPEN on Super Bowl Sunday!!  It’s Iceworm Weekend as well, and there’s no better way to fuel you body for a weekend of fun than to order up a Super Deluxe, your Choice of Five Toppings!!

We’ll make you as many pies as you need, just call us up and we’ll be happy to take your order!  Friday and Saturday from 4-8pm and this Sunday ONLY  from NOON till 4pm, Harborside will be your place for pizza this Iceworm Weekend!

Feel free to use your Pizza Palooza Coupons Supporting Ocean Science on Game Day!  We appreciate you coming down to pick em up!

In case anyone is curius about who I might be rooting for in the big game…. I’m from NY baby, so the Giants are gonna have to stomp those patsys.

But I’m more into bacon than I am football…so take it with a grain of salt.   Harborside Style

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