Fall is here…live the wild life…


Harborside Pizza was featured in the Sacramento Bee recently and enjoyed the time spent talking with Holly Heyeser, who is a writer, photographer, and blogger.  As always, the Copper River Wild Alaskan Salmon stole the show…. check out the article found in the link on our Facebook Fan Page!  I will be adding a paper copy of the article with photos to the wall of fame at the shop, which currently has only one picutre of me delivering a pizza to the Northwestern when they were at the cannery in Cordova, it will be nice to expand the collection.

Keep your eyes open for great deals starting October 1st running through the end of the month, as October is National Pizza Month!  Help us celebrate by taking advantage of great offers to be announced soon…we will have lots of fun pizza facts, magazines, and great deals, so be sure to stop by when we’re open to join in the celebration of National Pizza Month.

We love serving the people of Cordova, and those that pass through.  We are sorry if you didn’t catch us at the shop, and just want to let you know we love what we do, but it takes a lot to get all the pieces to come together, and right now with our staff at bare bones, with just Lindsay (who’s 5 months pregnant) and myself, there is a lot to tackle.  I wish I could be in two places at once and that my body was at least 15 years younger, but these things are not in the cards…Firewood doesn’t split itself, boxes don’t fold themselves, and dishes don’t do themselves.  I love making it happen, and appreciate the support of the customers who make our business possible.  We really hope to find a team someday and get that sit down place built, but know that step by step we are working our way to the goals, while accomplishing the personal goals, like having a family, along the way.  The balance of work, play, personal time, family time, is a changing equation that is important for health and enjoyment of life.



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