How it all began…

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This is the cabin that I came up here to help my friend Tony build, all the way back in May of 2005.  I lived at Hippy Cove for 3 and a half weeks in shelter in the woods among tree houses, busses, and teepees.   Before going back to Florida, I lined up a job with a  Chef at the Reluctant, and worked all summer there, then met Lindsay, who 7 years later would become my wife…We started Harborside Pizza with a goal and a vision in 2006 at the Lighthouse Inn, and operated successfully in our first business venture together for 84 days, when we sought our own land and opportunity to grow.  We were able to get architect plans, and pour the foundation, but ended up having to design a 24 foot concessions trailer with an imported, authentic, wood-fired oven from Italy on the back.  We built an entry way, skirted it in, and opened for business in 2008.  We have operated there since then, staying open year round, raising money for community groups, and continually working on ensuring that we are able to realize our original goal of having a community oriented, year round, sit down place to enjoy delicious food.  This year it’s looking pretty good for being able to begin construction within the next few months, on the ambitious side, or in the spring if need be.  We have enjoyed the growth and opportunity to develop professionally and personally from all experiences we have been lucky enough to have during our time in business.  On behalf of the Harborside Family, Lindsay, Rowan, and myself, Brian,  we thank you for supporting our Mom and Pop shop.  We have a lot of planning and logistics to consider in the near future, and will be reverting back to our six days a week schedule for now.  We appreciate your understanding as we get closer to completing our building for the temporary closure that will accompany our expansion.  We will be sure to post updates with more information as progress continues….enjoy the subsistence season coming up, and make sure you live the good life!  That’s what I came in search of, and what Cordova has provided…what a place to raise Rowan!!

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