It’s Great to Be Back!

Now serving beer and wine!

We are so pleased at the turnout during our first month and a half back in business.  It will take a little while to get all the kinks worked out, the art up, and the really in the zone, but the learning has been a lot fun so far.

The open line creates transparency with the food and the cook, while allowing interaction and entertainment at the same time.  It is a pleasure to cook for you!  It’s so nice to hear people laughing and having a good time while they eat, food brings people together….

Our to-go business is surprisingly steady, and we appreciate your patience on our busy nights.  We try to make each order as it was received, and we want your food to be as hot and fresh as possible…

The new facility provides the opportunity to make food for large groups, and people have been taking advantage!  It was fun to prepare food for two groups of 50 people each, but if you have a smaller party you’d like to have some delicious pasta, salad, garlic knots, wings, pizza, and dessert for, give us a call and we can provide you with a list of tasty options kids and adults are sure to love.

Watching the World Series on TV this year with beer and wine available at Harborside was a highlight for the customers and ourselves alike.  It was amazing to hear the oooohs and ahhhhhhs as the Cubs made history…we have worked hard to get to where we are now, like the Cubs, and it was awesome to celebrate with our amazing friends and customers…

As for beer, the Baranoff Island Brewing Company’s Spruce Tip Ale is a favorite.  Twister Creek IPA by Denali Brewing is also popular, as is the Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschuttes.  Come in soon for Jubleale or a nice Medevije Stout…we also serve domestic beer in the bottle and have a variety of cans.

The Prophecy Red is a California Pinot Noir that has become our house red…it has a great flavor that compliments our menu well.  The Prophecy White is a Savignon Blanc from New Zealand that is refreshing and easy to sip.

We greatly appreciate your support over the last 10 years in becoming established as a community pizza place…we hope to continue to provide good food and service, and look forward to serving you soon!

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  1. Best food in Cordova. Lindsey and Brian are awesome!!!!! Great service all around. 5 stars!!!!!!!!!

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