Special Iceworm Festival Hours!

Peace, Love, Iceworm! And, as we say, Piece, Love, Pizza! We love this time of year when we can visit with friends, enjoy the returning light, and celebrate Cordova’s wonderful uniqueness! We’re so glad to be back open, we really appreciate your friendship and your business 🙂

Business Hours for the coming weeks (Includes some extra openers!)

Thursday, Jan. 23: 11:30am-5pm

Friday, Jan 24: 11:30am-8pm (Dine In & Take Out)

Saturday, Jan 25: OPEN! 11:30am-8pm (Dine In & Take Out)

Sunday, Jan 26: Closed

Monday-Wednesday, Jan 27-29: 11:30am-5pm

Thursday, Jan 30: OPEN LATE! 11:30 am-8pm

Friday, Jan 31: 11:30am-8pm (Dine In & Take Out)

Saturday, Feb 1: OPEN! 11:30am-8pm (Dine In & Take Out)

Sunday, Feb 2: Closed

Monday-Tuesday, Feb 3 &4: CLOSED, Medical

Wednesday- Thursday, Feb 5 & 6: 11:30am-5pm

Friday, Feb 8: 11:30am-8pm (Dine In & Take Out)

Thank you again for supporting our family business, we look forward to serving you at the shop!

An Avalanche Pizza, ready to meet its owner!

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