2020: Year of our Great, Great, Great Grand Reopening…

I suppose it’s no secret that our family and our pizza shop have been through some tough times in the last 12 months. (Right along with so many others out there. Our hearts go out to you.) We are a *very* small business, we run the operation ourselves with just a couple of (amazing!) employees. We are thankful for our many blessings and are so filled with love for our two boys, now ages 7 and 18 months. The struggle and juggle of family and business is no joke, and since our youngest son arrived, we’ve been tipping the scales a little more toward family. Kids grow so fast; we know to appreciate this time when they are little. We love the restaurant business and we love to work. It’s hard to dial the hours back when we LOVE busy dinner shifts and jamming on Friday nights. We hate disappointing our customers who just want pizza. But, we will never wish we had worked more and been with our kids less when we look back on this time. Our tough times last summer, Makena’s injuries last fall, and now COVID-19 has forced us to be more focused on our family, which truly is a gift in spite of some terrible circumstances beyond our control.

Like so many others we were not expecting our family and business lives to become so upended causing us to close again. Our last day of business was March 12, and for the last 60-odd days we’ve been doing what so many other families are doing, running the Home School of Hard Knocks: chasing the toddler, teaching math, writing and reading, house chores, yard & science projects, art, music, PE, firewood, deep cleaning, tactical grocery shopping, rolling pennies and ya know, trying not to go crazy and stay hydrated!

So now it’s time to Re-re-re-open and Boy are we looking forward to getting the fire hot and serving you food! We’ll get started on Sunday, May 17 for Take Out only from 4pm-9pm. We’ll post guidance for ordering, payment and picking up your orders. You can also read our COVID-19 Safety & Mitigation Plan Here.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support! Stay Safe, Be Well and Pizza On!

The Harborside Family~ Brian, Lindsay, Rowan & Makena

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