September update

Well this is just an odd year, isn’t it? 2020, You So Crazy! With so many changes and unexpected upsets in our family life and business operation in the last year, our “new normal” is hanging on for dear life to the “Oh S#%! Handle of Life!” Can anyone else out there relate? BUT–we have countless blessings, kids that we love so much, family and friends that love us so much, and the best, most Supportive-Amazing-Wonderful-Patient-Persistent pizza customers on the planet. So, things will work out one way or another 🙂

We’ll be Open again on September 10 for Take-Out. Business Hours will be 4pm-8pm, Tuesday-Saturday, and closed on Sunday/Monday. That’s Plan A at least. These days our family’s reality is that plans tend to change suddenly, despite whatever intention we’ve laid out for work or otherwise. Just please know that we are doing our best and we do love making food for your bellies. We are working hard to be good parents to our two sons, which means being with them, and taking care of ourselves too.

We’ve updated our Take Out Menu and have some of your favorite Specials lined up this month! We look forward to serving you, and thank you so much 🙂

Cheers, Brian, Lindsay, R and M

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