Harborside Life



Dogsled on Wheels 

Hartney Bay, Cordova, Alaska. We made a wheeled dogsled by putting some Sector 9 trucks and wheels on the bottom….you can really cruise!


Dogsled Delivery

The sled team hauls tail to deliver Harborside Pizza hot!


Time-Lapse Round trip Cordova to Anchorage

This is a time lapse taken over two days. Leaving Cordova, Alaska on the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry) And then driving to Anchorage, Alaska to get supplies for Harborside Pizza. After Filling the van we make the return trip. Jam packed full of scenic views and bad weather.  Video by Todd Blaisdell.



Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no Heart!

Pizzaman Brian crafts a pepperoni pizza on a dark winter’s night.



This is your Brain on Harborside.

That’s really all there is to say.


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