Pizzaman Down…Temporarily

Well Folks, I am sorry to report, that our humble Pizzaman is temporarily out of commission due to an injury.  We’re headed up to Anchorage next week to meet with our “knee guy” and see what we can do to get Brian all fixed up so he can get back on his feet ASAP-there’s so much good to come in the next few months!

We apologize for this unexpected closure and appreciate your support and patience-we’ll get back to “Open” just as soon as we can.

Happy Iceworm!

Harborside Pizza was featured on The Travel Channel’s Only Happens in: Alaska! Please enjoy and share!

If you would had asked me 10 years ago if I thought I’d be making pizza in Alaska for a living, I probably would have said no.  But, it’s been such an amazing adventure and getting on TV with the dogs was really a special treat, it really highlights how unique Harborside Pizza really is.  We are still working hard to bring you a sit down place, so keep your eyes peeled this spring.  We hope to serve you again soon!  Right now we’re open from 11am till 7pm Tuesday through Saturday, so stop in if you can.  Thank you for helping us realize the dream of starting a business from scratch, surviving the economy in 2008, surviving City Council in 2010, surviving snowpocalypse in 2012, and helping us expand our family, feel welcomed and appreciated, and making 2014 a great year.  We are really excited to reach our full potential and bring you delicious, hot, food fast, with a beer, or wine, at a table…with chairs…and a view…

January & February 2015

Early 2015 Hours are 11:00 am-7:00 pm, Tuesday -Saturday.  Check out our (limited but Delicious) menu here!

Thanks for your business!

A tasty pizza cooks to perfection in our wood-fired oven
A tasty pizza cooks to perfection in our wood-fired oven

December Pizza Openers!

SURPRISE! Pizza Openers till Christmas! Limited but delicious menu, starting Friday.

Hours are 11 am- 7:30 pm Tuesday-Sunday. Check out our Menu HERE.



Did you see us on TV?!  We were recently featured on a Travel Channel show called “It Only Happens In…Alaska” delivering pizza with our dogsled delivery team! If you missed it, the show airs again on December 7 at 8pm on the Travel Channel.

We appreciate all the positive encouragement and most of all, your PATIENCE as we work on financing the construction of our *amazing* new restaurant facility. We look forward to making pizzas this month and thank you for supporting our business!



The Fire is Still Burning.

Hi Folks! Don’t Worry, there WILL be an opener at Harborside Pizza in the near future! Stay Tuned.  Thank you for your support and patience!

Happy Holidays!

-Brian & Lindsay


Dream Big. Create your opportunities.

This summer season has been a successful one, and we are at a crossroads of sorts. The trailer is in need of some roof repair, as the windy climate has taken it’s toll. It is possible to fix the trailer, however, we are hoping to hear good news soon regarding an SBA 504 loan program for rural businesses.

Fall is a wonderful time in Alaska, especially in Cordova. I am fortunate enough to be able to put up fish and venison, harvesting straight from the source for my family and friends who appreciate and experimental batch of salmon sausage, or the latest jerky flavor. While we wait for more information from the banks and handle the logistics for either building or preparing for another long, cold winter in the pizza trailer, we are going to take the time to gather firewood, enjoy each others company, and focus on the details of achieving our goal of putting up a sit-down facility. Ideally, we would have been building by now, however, we are optimistic that our project will slowly but surely move forward.

We sincerely appreciate the support over the last seven years. It’s hard to believe we have been in the trailer for that long, but we’ve made it work, and we can keep making it if we have too…so for the next few weeks we will be closed for business, but working hard to continue the progress we have made over the last few years.

Keep checking on our progress and keep your eyes peeled for a Travel Channel Show called Only In: Alaska. Slated to air at the end of the year or early next year, we are excited about having a segment on that show highlighting our story and some of the unique challenges and opportunities we are lucky enough to have at Harborside Pizza. From our family to yours, thank you, and we look forward to serving you soon!


Current Fall Hours are: Noon-7pm Tuesday -Sunday.

If you like ice cream, check out our newest hand-churned flavor, Pumpkin Spice Caramel!

New Fall Hours

It sure seems like we’ve had a change of seasons and Fall is upon us. Time to adjust the Pizza Schedule!


Tuesday-Sunday, 4 pm-9 pm

Closed on Monday

Thanks again for supporting our little pizza shop!

How it all began…

2014summer 067

This is the cabin that I came up here to help my friend Tony build, all the way back in May of 2005.  I lived at Hippy Cove for 3 and a half weeks in shelter in the woods among tree houses, busses, and teepees.   Before going back to Florida, I lined up a job with a  Chef at the Reluctant, and worked all summer there, then met Lindsay, who 7 years later would become my wife…We started Harborside Pizza with a goal and a vision in 2006 at the Lighthouse Inn, and operated successfully in our first business venture together for 84 days, when we sought our own land and opportunity to grow.  We were able to get architect plans, and pour the foundation, but ended up having to design a 24 foot concessions trailer with an imported, authentic, wood-fired oven from Italy on the back.  We built an entry way, skirted it in, and opened for business in 2008.  We have operated there since then, staying open year round, raising money for community groups, and continually working on ensuring that we are able to realize our original goal of having a community oriented, year round, sit down place to enjoy delicious food.  This year it’s looking pretty good for being able to begin construction within the next few months, on the ambitious side, or in the spring if need be.  We have enjoyed the growth and opportunity to develop professionally and personally from all experiences we have been lucky enough to have during our time in business.  On behalf of the Harborside Family, Lindsay, Rowan, and myself, Brian,  we thank you for supporting our Mom and Pop shop.  We have a lot of planning and logistics to consider in the near future, and will be reverting back to our six days a week schedule for now.  We appreciate your understanding as we get closer to completing our building for the temporary closure that will accompany our expansion.  We will be sure to post updates with more information as progress continues….enjoy the subsistence season coming up, and make sure you live the good life!  That’s what I came in search of, and what Cordova has provided…what a place to raise Rowan!!