Now Open For Lunch!

We are pleased to be announcing our 2013 summer hours!  Open at 11am, Harborside is now a great choice for lunch with the full menu available.  We have new toppings to choose from and there is sure to be something for everyone…Pizza, Burgers, Salads, Pasta, Panini, Subs, Wings, and dessert!  Monday thru Saturday from 11am-9pm, we’ll be cooking and we look forward to serving you soon.  Thank you for your business! 

Harborside Family Grows!

Harborside Family Grows!

We are pleased to announce Rowan Makai Wildrick was born on 1/2/13 at Geneva Woods Birth Center in Anchorage, Alaska. He is a happy and healthy little guy, and we are glad to have him back in Cordova!
He is the newest member of the Harborside Pizza family, and you might run into him down at the shop!
Speaking of the shop, we will be open again on Feb.1st, just 2 days away! We’ll be honoring the fundraising coupons starting at 4pm, and we’ve got some new things for you to enjoy on the menu. We’re working on updating the website, so if you have any questions just give us a call at 907 424 3730.
We are alway looking for friendly and fun people to join the Harborside Pizza team, so if you think cooking with a wood-fired oven or being on our team, come on in and fill out an application, we’d love to hear from you.
We are looking forward to another great summer season, serving great food fast, and providing the best customer service in town.
Thanks for checking our blog!

Winter Hours: Get your HSP 4pm-8pm Monday-Saturday!

Our Winter Hours are 4pm-8pm Monday through Saturday.

It sure feels like winter out there…so come on in and grab some Harborside!

We’re open for pick up only. (Sorry, no delivery while we wait for our special delivery!)

Be sure to check out our Winter Menu for a few new items!

Fall is here…live the wild life…


Harborside Pizza was featured in the Sacramento Bee recently and enjoyed the time spent talking with Holly Heyeser, who is a writer, photographer, and blogger.  As always, the Copper River Wild Alaskan Salmon stole the show…. check out the article found in the link on our Facebook Fan Page!  I will be adding a paper copy of the article with photos to the wall of fame at the shop, which currently has only one picutre of me delivering a pizza to the Northwestern when they were at the cannery in Cordova, it will be nice to expand the collection.

Keep your eyes open for great deals starting October 1st running through the end of the month, as October is National Pizza Month!  Help us celebrate by taking advantage of great offers to be announced soon…we will have lots of fun pizza facts, magazines, and great deals, so be sure to stop by when we’re open to join in the celebration of National Pizza Month.

We love serving the people of Cordova, and those that pass through.  We are sorry if you didn’t catch us at the shop, and just want to let you know we love what we do, but it takes a lot to get all the pieces to come together, and right now with our staff at bare bones, with just Lindsay (who’s 5 months pregnant) and myself, there is a lot to tackle.  I wish I could be in two places at once and that my body was at least 15 years younger, but these things are not in the cards…Firewood doesn’t split itself, boxes don’t fold themselves, and dishes don’t do themselves.  I love making it happen, and appreciate the support of the customers who make our business possible.  We really hope to find a team someday and get that sit down place built, but know that step by step we are working our way to the goals, while accomplishing the personal goals, like having a family, along the way.  The balance of work, play, personal time, family time, is a changing equation that is important for health and enjoyment of life.



Hello Summer!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog and since there is a lot going on we thought it would be a good time to fill you in on what’s happening!

First off, a big congratulations to our good friends Glen and Brianne, who are celebrating their wedding day today.  We are honored to have been asked to grill the best fish in the world (Copper River King Salmon) for the dinner party.  That’s gonna be fun; and we look forward to seeing much of the Cordova community out there at 6 mile having a blast.

Second, we are sponsoring the headlining band at this year’s Salmon Jam Festival July 26-29, and will be providing hot, fresh, wood fired pizza to the masses up at the ski hill, where fun activities, live music, and celebration of salmon will be happening.  It’s great to bring a festival like this to life here in our little part of the world, and we are glad to be a part of it.  There will be some food writers in town, maybe we can lure them into the shop with the scents of fresh sauce and garlic knots just out of the oven….

Cordova Clean Up Day is June 23 (pretty sure), and we hope to see you out and about with your trash bags cleaning up after such a crazy winter.  We enjoy the pristine beauty of Cordova alot, and ask that you make sure the litter gets into the right place.  Harborside uses compostable utensils, recycled paper products, and would love to never see them on the side of the road, out the road, or at the end of the harbor.  We appreciate your business, and cooperation with keeping Cordova clean.  Thanks!!

As always, we’re working hard to bring you the hottest and the freshest pizza in town, chopping firewood, and making deliveries.  There are many challenges to being a Mom and Pop operation, but we do the best we can, and really appreciate the good reviews, customer comments and feedback, and the opportunity to make it better if there’s something wrong.  We are pleased to have a great new staff member, Stephanie Sison, who will be attending UAA in August and is doing a fabulous job learning the ropes.  Professional Food Service requires a lot of multitasking, planning, communication, organization, timing, and don’t forget the fun.

A quick reminder to those who still have a National Ocean Science Bowl Fundraising Coupon, which helps Harborside Pizza support Science, and gets our youth active in the competition….the coupons expire on July 1, 2012.  We have had a great response to the fundraiser and appreciate the folks who purchased a coupon to help our Cordova super students out!  While on the topic of students, it was our pleasure to chapperone this year’s Safe and Sober Celebration, which is an all night long event designed to provide a fun, nurturing, safe, and fun environment for all the seniors to enjoy, instead of being tempted to engage in dangerous pastimes…it was a blast, we played basketball, dodgeball, went for a 2am swim at the local pool, had door prize drawings, played some video games, and conducted a silent auction, then ate a fabulous breakfast at St. Joe’s.  There were some awesome prize packages given out, which included a $250 cash card.  Pretty Sweet incentive to attend Safe and Sober!  Harborside is glad to help, and congrats to the graduating class…

Fishing season is well under way, and it’s been good so far!  We even got to go out on a subsitence opener with our buddy Rotten Ron.  Don’t let the name fool you, he’s a real nice guy… Freezer is full thanks to him!  Good luck to the commerical fleet for the rest of the season, and we’ll have the oven hot when you get back from the other side.

That just about wraps up the news for now… “love people, cook them tasty food.”  Harborside Pizza Out.

Anchorage Trip!!

We will be closed on Monday Feb. 20th, and OPEN again on FRIDAY Feb. 24th…from 4pm-pm. We appreciate your understanding, and look forward to a busy spring season. The hustle and bustle of boats test driving and the mending of nets will be upon us shortly, and we need to be all stocked up. Also, until further notice we will not be able to deliver. We apologize about this scaling back of services, but it’s just not feasible right now. We will still be cooking the freshest, hottest, fastest food in town available for take out…come on down and check us out. Thanks again, and eat well.

JUST IN: Harborside Pizza to be OPEN for the SUPER BOWL!!

Harborside Style

That’s Right!  We’ve decided to open up shop for your Super Bowl Sunday pizza needs! We have WINGS too!  What says celebration like pizza and wings on Super Bowl Sunday???

From NOON till 4 pm Harborside Pizza will Be OPEN on Super Bowl Sunday!!  It’s Iceworm Weekend as well, and there’s no better way to fuel you body for a weekend of fun than to order up a Super Deluxe, your Choice of Five Toppings!!

We’ll make you as many pies as you need, just call us up and we’ll be happy to take your order!  Friday and Saturday from 4-8pm and this Sunday ONLY  from NOON till 4pm, Harborside will be your place for pizza this Iceworm Weekend!

Feel free to use your Pizza Palooza Coupons Supporting Ocean Science on Game Day!  We appreciate you coming down to pick em up!

In case anyone is curius about who I might be rooting for in the big game…. I’m from NY baby, so the Giants are gonna have to stomp those patsys.

But I’m more into bacon than I am football…so take it with a grain of salt.   Harborside Style

Extreme Winter Pizza

It’s Friday night, it’s cold, and there are basketball games going on at the high school tonight, go Wolverines!  I was taking some time to reflect on this winter so far, and what it really takes to run a pizza trailer all year long in a remote town on the coast of Alaska, land of the midnight sun.  And land of the short days that leave you in a time warp of constant twilight and darkness.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s good to stay busy during the winter in Alaska.  Running Harborside Pizza from October until May definitely keeps me on my toes.  There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes to make it work…like not letting the water freeze, figuring out how the cold temps affect the dough rising, plenty of dry firewood and kindling chopped.  Then there are food orders, freight deliveries, and this winter there has been a lot of snow to contend with.

All this snow has given me a new perspective on how to adjust priorities to suit the situation.  We love our little spot on the South Fill and have worked to keep everything shoveled out.  We’ve made stickers that say “Keep Calm, and Shovel On!” Snowpocalypse- 2011-2012 Cordova, Alaska. They are pretty sweet.  Stop by the shop and pick one up free while supplies last!  Cordova needs a smile, and this’ll do it!  (Who HASN’T shoveled?)  I can’t wait to get up to the ski hill and balance out that workload with some fun carves and some deep pow.

Although we aren’t delivering at this time, we do appreciate seeing hungry people picking up their delicious looking pies!  Knowing someone is going to enjoy what you just made is very satisfying, enough to do it during the snowiest winter I’ve ever seen.  Thanks for understanding if it  takes a few minutes for your food, we make everything we can from scratch when you order it, keeping our food, fast, fresh, and delicious.

We are now redeeming the Pizza Palooza Fundraising Coupons for the National Ocean Science Bowl students.  Thank you for helping Harborside Pizza support Ocean Science. Good Luck to both teams from Cordova!

Supporting Ocean Science is just one way Harborside has promoted Ocean Mindedness.  The other way is a fun annual International SurfingDay trip to Hinchinbrook Island, to go surf and clean up marine debris and trash that has washed up on the beaches.  Hook Point Cabin was our destinaiton las year, providing a perfect base camp for accessing the waves.  8 People went on the trip, and there were a couple first time surfers.  It was a lot of fun and by the end everyone had a stand up ride!  We cleaned up a total of 10 bags of garbage and debris, all we could fit with our gear on the small planes required to get to the remote island that faces the Gulf of Alaska.  We had plenty of wetsuits and smoked salmon, wildlife, stories around the campfire, and some music.  Anyone seriously interested in going on a trip like this around June 20th of 2012, let us kn

ow.  We’ll dial in the details.  Surfrider Organization sponsored some gifts and hooked us up with a nice big International Surfing Day Banner.

We’ll be slingin pies tomorrow at 4pm…see you then!


6 more days to buy those NOSB Pizza Palooza coupons!

Don’t miss your last opportunity to support Cordova’s National Ocean Sciences Bowl teams AND get great pizza AT THE SAME TIME!!  Pizza Palooza coupons are on sale until December 18!

You can get large Cheese, Pepperoni or Standard Deluxe (roni, sausage, mushrooms, onions and green peppers).

NOSB is offering these pies for LESS THAN STAND PRICE!  Hurry, get yours today!

See any NOSB student or contact Kara or Lindsay at the Prince William Sound Science Center. Coupons are valid January 1, 2012 to July 1, 2o12.

Harborside Supports Science!

Good night for a fire in the oven.

Thanks for a great Saturday night, Cordova!  A windy night it became.  By the fire sure is a nice place to be.